Where No Other .NET (Micro) Framework Has Gone Before...

by Web FishDec 14, 2012 @ 04:41pm


Until we hear otherwise, we claim this final frontier! (do we really need a reference?)

As of today the central control unit platform has been solidified. We are going with the Netduino Plus 2. This also means that all control software will be written on top of the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. To the best of our knowledge, PilotFish would be the first autonomous ocean-going vessel based on the .NET MF. How cool is it to be able to compile the first .NET assembly capable of finding its way to Hawaii.

So why Netduino?

  • As usual - why not?
  • Widely available Arduino Shields from various manufacturers - compatible with Arduino Mega Rev 3;
  • Built-in SD Card support - 2GB of data logging without the need for external SD shield;
  • 4 serial ports;
  • I2C support;
  • CPU Performance;

 Oh, and we happen to have a team member who (when he is not building trans-pacific boats) architects and oversees large-scale digital video systems. He happens to like .NET. A lot. 

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Brian Dunning
Brian DunningUnited States
12/28/2012 11:32:00 PM #

On the subject of software, what about telemetry? I discovered this week that our Spot transponder doesn't work off the continental US. Is there a satellite service you can use?


Chris D
Chris DUnited States
12/28/2012 11:46:58 PM #

Iridium 9602-I short burst data modem on UART 1 of the Netduino board. Iridium has commercial grade coverage all the way through.

Adafruit Ultimate Rev. 3 feeding GPS data on UART 2. Still undecided on some of the other sensors - compass, wind, temperature, light, orientation, accelerometers...


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