The Team

 In no particular order:

  • Dean
    Fabricator in training, assistant code monkey and chief videographer. 
  • Lora
    In charge of legal research, public relations and general cheer. 
  • Chris
    Fabricator, code monkey, bankroller and responsible adult. 
  • Giant Green Sea Turtle
    No official role, but looks good in the picture...


There are still quite a few lucrative positions open. If the prospect of working long hours building and deploying something that has a remote chance of success sounds exciting to you, drop us a line - we need you! In return, we offer unlimited amount of self-satisfaction, decent espresso and (occasionally) free pizza.


We would really like to talk if you:

  • Have access to equipment and/or experience with welding aluminium and aluminium alloys;
  • Have a degree in oceanology or practical experience with wind and current patterns in the North Pacific; 
  • Have a spare Iridium SBD Satellite modem lying around that you don't feel particularly attached to;
  • Want to play a captain of a chase boat during preliminary sea trials (sorry - this is a strictly BYOB [Bring Your Own Boat] position);
  • Currently reside on Maui or have extensive knowledge of Maui geography, beaches, commercial ship traffic and current patterns;
  • Have general interest in learning new things and pushing the envelope;